Our audiences
Four defined audiences
By now you might have realised we do things slightly different when compared to other media owners. What we do is focus on audiences.

We look at what we think is a desirable advertising audience, and then work out how to deliver them. Yes this is a much harder way of doing things, but it delivers. It delivers because we pick audiences that are more difficult for advertisers to engage.

Whether it is Over 50s through our golf and Post Office advertising networks.

Small Business owners through our Post Office, golf, football and cricket networks.

High Street shoppers through the convenience store and Post Office advertising networks.

Affluent men through our sports advertising networks in golf, football and cricket.

Each are quite difficult to engage in any meaningful way. Yes you can get in front of the with other OOH/DOOH/Out Of Home advertising, but we specialising in getting you in front of them in a relevant contextual setting.

Increasing responses through relevancy
Are our Over 50s more likely to respond to a message they have time to read while stood in the Post Office queue? Or are they more likely to respond to something they out the car window as they are driving to the shops? We think advertising indoors is more efficient in terms of driving the audiences to respond to your message.

Yes you can talk to affluent men while they are on their way to work, but how engaged are they? We think talking to them through advertising sites inside their sports club is more relevant. This is mainly because you’re talking to them when no one else can. Add to this the fact they are in a social setting where they are able to talk about and share what they see (they’ll only do this if it’s relevant of course) and you can see why we like our sports networks so much.

Please have a look at our pages on each of the audiences groups by clicking the relevant links below.