Over 50s

Over 50s advertising: our Post Office advertising network is great at getting brands in front of Over 50s, Over 55s, Over 60s and Over 65s.

In fact, we don’t think there are any places you can efficiently conduct Over 50s advertising.

Each and every week a minimum of 300,000 adults aged over 50 years old visit one of our Post Offices to conduct a transaction (source: TGI & Postmasters). Over 50s advertising has never been so easy or flexible.

Why do Over 50s visit the Post Office so much?

  • to pay a bill in cash to ensure it has been paid
  • to collect a state pension
  • to withdraw money from their High Street bank current account because they don’t want to use an ATM and their local branch has closed
  • to buy stamps to put on their post
  • and many other reason

“The majority of over-55s are property owners, who have paid off their mortgage, have largely weathered the downturn much better than younger generations.”The Daily Telegraph

We’re proud members of the Mature Marketing Association. You can find out more about the MMA here.

In April 2017 we were briefed by Saniflo to get their Kinemagic product in front of our Over 50s audience through our Post Office advertising network, the results were pretty good:

This is from the National Federation of Subpostmasters:

“…Age UK points out that in many areas post offices supply the only services that are close to people’s homes, and are therefore especially important in serving the needs of people in later life with limited mobility due to ill health or low income…”
“…Post offices are particularly essential as they provide a uniquely wide range of services under one roof. We know older people are amongst the heaviest users of post offices. Study after study bears this out – for instance between 78% and 87% of older people in rural areas visit their local post office at least once a week…”

You can read more here.

The Post Office itself knows this, which is why they offer specific Over 50s products to their customers like Over 50s Life Cover, Over 50s Car Insurance, Over 50s Home Insurance etc. Take a look at the ‘products’ page of the Post Office if you’re not sure: www.postoffice.co.uk/money

Here are some interesting stats & quotes on the Over 50s audience that we’ve come across recently when looking at our over 50s advertising ideas:

“…our most economically powerful generation [Over 50s] is one that is largely ignored by advertisers…for many, becoming 50 is the start of the better half of their lives…”
James Burrows, High 50
“…Research shows the older generation considers themselves excluded from most brand communication with only 4% over the age of 50 feeling advertising is aimed at them…”
Research Live
“…There are also now more people in the UK aged over 60 than there are under 18s, according to the latest estimates from the Office for National Statistics (ONS)…”
Marketing Week
“…Brands should celebrate [older consumers] because from a strict marketing perspective they are a highly valuable audience…”
Hugh Pile, CMO at L’Oréal
“…Sixty five per cent of all new cars are bought by those over the age of 50, half of all the cosmetics are bought by the over 50s…”
The Daily Telegraph
“…The fact is we are an ageing society. But that’s not the thing – the older demographic controls the world. It is becoming apparent to so many companies, because 80 per cent of the UK’s wealth is held by the over-50s…”
Kevin Lavery, Mature Marketing Association in The Daily Telegraph

Over 50s advertising: If you would like to see how we can work with you through our Post Office advertising screen network to get your brand, product or service in front of over 350,000 Over 50s each week, please get in on 020 8102 7818 or info@nabermedia.co.uk