Small business owners

Advertising Targeting Small Businesses

If you are looking for ideas for advertising targeting small businesses in the UK, there are many worse places to start your search than with us. Through our networks of advertising sites inside Post Offices, Shopping Centres, Golf Clubs, Football Clubs, and Cricket Clubs we can offer opportunities to target well over 70,000 small businesses a week.

We can run campaigns as simple as a standard display ad similar to what you would run elsewhere in Out of Home media, or we can be a bit more creative and try and tap in to the mindset of why these small businesses are in our environment, and therefore why they are seeing our screens.

In this section of the website we will focus on the Post Office element of our Small Business targeted advertising offerings, but if you would like information about how the other networks we run could work for you, please drop us a line here.

Why are Post Offices so important for Small Businesses, and how can you use our 200+ Post Office advertising screens to target over 70,000 small businesses a week

Simply put, outside of their customers, the Post Office is one of the most important places for many small businesses. With our Post Office advertising screens inside them, it therefore delivers advertising targeting small businesses in a very efficient manner. The Post Office is where the Small Businesses interact with government services, it’s where they pay in their takings (thanks to local branches of High St banks closing) and where they send their hard work & goods out to their customers.

If you’re a Medium or Large business, the Post Office comes to you and picks up your mail to take to the sorting office. But if you’re a small business or sole trader, you have to go to the Post Office, and that job is guaranteed to be done either by the business owner or someone who can influence the business owner. This is where our Post Office advertising comes in to play.

The small businessperson is there in the queue to do a pretty dull task, why not try to make it a more useful experience for them? We have lots of ideas on Post Office advertising targeting small businesses creatively that aren’t just about putting your message in front of the small business audience, it’s about helping them make better use of their time in the queue. How about giving them hints/tips/tricks on how to run parts of their business? Or using some of the branded content you currently have sitting on your website waiting for small business people to come and look at it? We know why they small business people are in our Post Offices, we know when and we know for how long, you can use all of this knowledge to really make the ad’s they see relevant – and we all know that relevant advertising is better advertising.

Target over 70,000 small businesses a week through Post Office advertising screens

Have a look at the infographic below and see just how many small businesses interact with our Post Office advertising screens each week.

If you could like more information, or some ideas on how we can help with Post Office advertising targeting small businesses, please get in touch with us here.