Case studies

We were thrilled when CBS Reality asked us to come up with some ideas for them to promote their show The Jury Room back in July 2017.

Watch the video to the right or read the text below to find out more about what we did, why and how:

It was such a pleasure to have a true blank sheet of paper to play around with to address the main challenge the channel (CBS Reality) had – how to make people remember the advertising they’d seen throughout the week and prompt them to view on Sunday evening.

Through our Post Office advertising network we knew we had a very relevant audience; we fitted the target audience of 40+ year old women very neatly, so all we had to do was come up with the right idea.

What we came up with was to combine the impact of our large portrait digital six sheets that ‘talk’ to people in the Post Office advertising audience/queue with a real-life conversation about the show. How could we do that? By briefing the managers of the Post Offices in our Post Office advertising network all about the campaign and the show in order for them to talk about it with their customers. Add to that the direct response/takeaway element of branded sticky notes that were placed on purchases and receipts of the target audience and you have a very creative campaign as a result – probably a media first, although the Jury may be out on that one (ha ha… jury, The Jury Room, geddit?).

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