The Met Office travel weather sponsorship

Sponsor the Travel Weather content from the Met Office in over 300 Golf Clubs and Post Office

Use our association with the Met Office, and our audience's insatiable appetite for both travel and the weather to get your brand in a contextually relevant setting

Easy production

Tell us the destinations you want to focus on and brief us on how you want your sponsorship to look and we'll do the rest

Media first

Our Travel Weather sponsorship is truly unique and a true partnership between us, the Met Office and the sponsor

met office golf post office advertising travel weather

Post Office (unsponsored):

This works perfectly for a travel brand wanting to engage people in the golf club lounge, or the Post Office queue

Golfers travel a lot to play their sport, and in the Post Office the Over 50s in the queue travel more than anyone else. And let's not forget about the fact 24% of all holiday money exchange is done in the Post Office

The Met Office Travel Weather sponsorship is one of the most creative option available in media right now

If your brand is anything to do with travel, we think you should be talking to us about getting involved with our travel weather content supplied by the Met Office.

Use the golf clubs to get your message in front of an incredibly affluent group of adults who travel a lot to both play their sport and for more general holidays, especially cruises.

In the Post Office we've got two distinct opportunities rolled in to one: firstly 24% of all UK travel money transactions are made in the Post Office. Our screens overlook those Bureau de Change queues, and who wouldn't look at the weather if they were about to go on holiday? But better than this, the Post Office's core audience of Over 50s have the time and money to holiday much more regularly than other audience groups. Why not talk to them in a contextually relevant manner by associating yourself with the Met Office Travel Weather content in the NABERmedia Post Offices.

Download our audience travel insight one pagers here:

Post Office audience travel insight

Golf audience travel insight

And feel free to get in touch with one of the team to discuss how we can make sponsoring the travel weather content a reality for you.

Have a look at the two videos below for a closer look as to what exactly the sponsor gets as part of each (Post Office and golf) packages: