Pharmaceutical/Health Partner

Become the NABER Health Partner and get access to 700k Post Office customers and golfers a week, over half of whom are aged 50+. Includes a unique Post Office counter sticker targeting those with hearing issues

We have identified that health plays an important part of the lives of the people who make up our audience. Combine our digital screens in the Post Office queue and in golf club lounges to talk to them when they may be feeling a bit achey (while queuing or after a round of golf) or before they go to the High Street pharmacy after their Post Office visit

Easy production

We've done the hard work, all you need to do is give us your content for the digital screen and the PDF for the sticker

Media first

No one has ever done a sticker like this in a relevant contextual setting like this, and of course there is only one such opportunity available

golf and post office advertising screens

Over half our Post Office and golf audiences are aged over 50, this targets them when they may be thinking about health

Big numbers

We're not talking about small numbers, in fact we have an audience of over 700,000 adults a week across our 300 Post Offices & golf clubs

This works perfectly for any kind of health brand wanting to talk to people on the High Street or feeling aches & pains after a long round of golf

If your brand is anything to do with health and has a target audience involved adults aged 40 years or older then get in touch. If you're a younger targeting brand then have you thought about our advertising posters inside football and cricket clubs?

The Health/Pharmaceutical partnership available with NABERmedia gets health brands in front of the right people at relevant moments

If your brand is anything to do with health, and you target audience is anything to do with adults aged 40+ or 50+ then this opportunity is worth thinking about. It combined digital advertising screens in over 200 Post Offices with branded hearing induction loop stickers on the counter of each. Why induction loop stickers? Two reasons: firstly it is health-related and secondly the current stickers, in our opinion, are just too small. We want to help the customers and our member Post Offices by putting the fact those with hearing issues can have access to the shop's induction loop if they need.

The package also includes our digital advertising screens inside 90+ golf clubs giving you exclusive access tot he members-only setting of the golf club before and after the players' rounds of golf. Well over half this audience is aged 50+ and may appreciate a health related message after the game to help with any aches & pains they may be feeling as they sit down for their post-round cup of tea or pint.

As with all of our packages, this is just the start point of what we think we can do, by all means you can buy this package 'off the shelf' but we can also work with you to fully tailor it so it fits your goals & requirements as best as possible.

For the price of one page in one national newspaper for one day, you could be the health partner of NABERmedia for a whole quarter of a year.

Feel free to contact us for more information. You can find out more about our Post Office and golf networks here and here.

Post Office advertising screen video:

Golf club advertising screen video: