Age Partnership have utilised NABER’s national Post Offices Digital 6 Sheet network to target Over 50s while they are in the NABER Post Office queues.

The NABER Post Office network is ideal to do this as  over 50% of the 650k weekly adult audience are aged over 50, and a third of people are in the queue to do something to do with their house (pay a bill, charge an energy card etc.). Most of the rest there to conduct a financial transaction of some kind so it’s a very contextually relevant place to advertise a home finance-related product pertinent to those aged over 50.

Huge Dwell Time

The long dwell time of people queuing in front of the NABER Post Office advertising poster network, between 4 and 15 minutes, enabled Age Partnership to deliver an in depth message with more copy than you would recommend in most other DOOH/OOH environments, while ensuring that the ad was seen numerous times to reinforce its message.

Cross Media

The on screen activity was amplified by the use of leaflets: the NABER Post Office solution ensured these were situated in an optimum position near the screen acting as an additional touch point. The aim of the campaign was to drive initial interest, awareness of the Age partnership services and prompting potential customers to pick up a leaflet. The leaflets can then be taken away with the customer while they consider their next step, also acting as an reminder at a later date to contact Age Partnership.

For us, it’s the perfect back up to our digital campaigns and follows our recent work with CBS Reality who combined our digital screens with branded Post-It notes. Youc an see more on our Case Studies page.

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