If you are looking for gaming, lottery or gambling advertising ideas then you’ve come to the right place…
…not necessarily because we have the best ideas in the world, but because we think we have a very relevant gambling advertising audience that see our advertising sites in a very relevant setting.

So what are the options for gambling advertising on our networks?

Local sports clubs

As you might already know, we have a network of local football and cricket clubs across the country with one of our A3 poster panels inside each of their changing rooms. This gives us a total of over 600 separate advertising sites across the whole of the UK (click here for a map) and a weekly audience of 60,000-100,000 footballers and cricketers each month (depending on the month, ask for details) aged over 18 in a social sports group setting. Why is this social setting good for gambling advertisers? Because the players have told us (via our own player research with a sample size of over 100 players) they like to talk to each-other about their bets:

  • 59% say they talk about their gambling with their team mates in the changing room
  • 22% say they talk about it ‘a lot’
  • 18% say they talk about gambling ‘occasionally’

nabersport advertising gambling habits

Generally the posters are seen on a Saturday afternoon or a Sunday morning, which is great for gambling advertisers. Why is this so good? Because the players see our posters immediately before they de-camp to the clubhouse to watch either the Saturday evening Premier League game or the Sunday afternoon matches. These posters would probably be the last piece of gambling advertising they see before the TV coverage starts.

If you want to drive people to a High Street shop then we can do that, too. We know exactly where each of our posters goes so you can go so far as to print directions to the nearest branch on each of them if you like, we’ll make sure the right one gets posted in the right place. We want to make gambling advertising as efficient as possible.

If it’s driving people to your mobile site then it’s good to remember we have full 3G/4G coverage at every single one of our sites, and that also the majority have WiFi as well for players and visitors to use.

And of course, like all of our NABERsport campaigns we provide full proof of posting on each and every venue you book. If we don’t send you a photo of the site with your ad on it you don’t pay for it.

In fact that’s ironic isn’t it; whatever the opposite of gambling is, our proof of posting system is it!

Post Offices

Probably best used as a proximity tool to drive people in-shop, you can advertise on the screens near one of your shops around major sporting events to attract the casual gambler while they are out and about on the High Street. As the network is fully digital you can choose to be on particular screens at particular times of day to full maximise your budget.

If you’re a lottery advertiser then what better place is there to advertise then in the main lottery point of sale on the High Street? In fact some of our screens are literally adjacent to the National Lottery machine.

Find out more about our Post Offices & CTN advertising options here: Post Offices, Convenience Stores.


If you have an app that you want people to open more, or at a specific time, then the network of Beacons that we’re currently rolling out across our sport and Post Office estate could work for you. Stay tuned for more details or get in touch with us here.

To find out more about what we think, have a look at our LinkedIn company page here.

PS – well done for making it this far on this blog post. As a special reward, if you represent or work for a gaming brand with an online casino element we’re on the lookout for a Poker Partner brand to help our clubs put on club fundraising events. Drop us a line here to have a chat about this special project.

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