Charitable giving is becoming increasingly important, not only to individuals but also to businesses, as employees and consumers increasingly want to be associated with companies/brands who have a social conscience. Aside from the obvious benefits of giving to a charity, charitable programmes within the work place can create a positive working environment by helping to create a culture that employees want to be part of and it can also help to bring together people from all levels of the organisation.

Consumers also expect brands to lead by example through supporting charities, whether that is through volunteering programmes, fundraising events or donations and by ensuring that they are employing responsible business practices. If businesses align themselves with charities that employees have an affinity with it can help strengthen brand values & relationships with consumers. But more on this later when we talk about a new project we’re working on called NABERgiving…

For now, we’ve been looking at how our business works with charities. Or more accurately, how it could work for charities.

Our start point was that we know our 200+ member Post Offices have a very healthy older population, both in terms of numbers (over half our 650k adult audience per week are aged over 50) and mobility (people have to be able to travel in order to get to the shop).

Bourne End Mencap Post Office advertising
Mencap using the Bourne End Post Office advertising screen

We also know that this over 50’s audience have access to more disposable income than any other generation.

This could be why this older audience is more likely to donate to charities on a regular basis with 39% of over 65’s giving to charity either weekly or monthly.

On average they donate £55 each time, which is 40% higher than 16-24s.

But is it just because they have more money at the end of each month than other age groups that leads them to give more?

We can only speculate I suppose.

But the fact is that we have large digital advertising screens inside more than 200 Post Offices across the country giving charities a chance to advertise to more than 300,000 of these older people who give more than anyone else per week.

And then we should remember that people can donate to any charity in the UK over the counter of their local Post Office.

Global's Make Some Noise using our Post Office advertising screens
Global’s Make Some Noise using our Post Office advertising screens

So not only do our screens give charities advertising a chance to raise awareness of their cause in general to the right people, but they are in places where people can actually give. We can supply a new direct response element to a charities advertising budget because people can see the ad on-screen and then donate there and then. No need to go online, no need to write a telephone number down and call it when you remember, no need to do anything other than reach in to the wallet and give the money to the person serving you behind the Post Office counter.

Because Post Offices now handle people’s bank account, regardless of which High Street bank you bank with, one can even set up a BACS transfer or standing order there and then.

We really think we’re on to something here, a new way for charities to engage the perfect audience in the most perfect of ways, so if your charity would like to give it a go and prove the theory, just get in touch with one of the team here or call 020 8108 7817.

You can also read more about what we think on our LinkedIn page here.

Oxfam using our Post Office advertising screens
Oxfam using our Post Office advertising screens

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