Travel and Weather… We don’t think there are two more important things to the people that use our Post Offices and Golf Clubs. Working in association with the Met Office we have come up with a Travel Weather sponsorship package that we feel works at every level.

The concept of the travel weather sponsorship package is to have a ten second piece of content shown once a minute with up to 20 destinations being rotated throughout the day.

The first three seconds is an introduction to the content (as if the audience is looking outside an airplane porthole) and then seven seconds of animated content with scenery from the destination alongside the weather characteristics of that particular place.

We work with the Met Office to make sure you get the destinations featured that you want.

The sponsor not only gets a logo mention on both sections, but also has a large lower portion (larger than the image to the right) to have an advertising message.

We could also potentially incorporate a live feed of ticket prices to that destination for that time of year.

Post Offices

Our 200+ Post Offices and their respective 600,000+ weekly adult audience are responsible for over £25m of holiday spend each week (TGI). Why? Simply because Post Offices are great at delivering over 50s, and it’s this audience group that makes up such a large part of UK travel spend. Add to that the fact the Post Office is the no.1 place for travel money (did you know around a quarter of all travel money transactions are done over a Post Office counter?) and you have a pretty compelling reason to advertise travel related products and holidays in this high dwell time, relaxed environment.

Click on the infographic on the right and you’ll see their favourite destinations are in the Mediterranean. TGI puts our 600,000 customers a week as having a combined holiday spend of over £1.5bn per year.

That’s an astonishing £25 million per week.

But it’s no surprise this audience spends so much, after all they are at a stage of life where they not only have the wealth (some reports say 80% or more of the UK’s wealth is tied up in the Over 50s age group thanks to paid off mortgages & final salary pensions etc.) but also the time & flexibility to go on longer trips (such as cruises etc.).

Golf Clubs

Our 60,000+ golfers per week may go away only 6% more than the UK average (still a good number though), but when they go they spend 56% more with over £3,400 each per year spent on holidays (all figures TGI 2017).

This suggests they are into the best they can buy, they don’t scrimp when it comes to going away.

And that’s not particularly surprising when you think about the affluent nature of the audience. Click the image/infographic below to see where and how they like to spend their travel £’s:

golf advertising met office travel weather sponsorship post office advertising met office travel weather sponsorship


What will you get for your money?

We know other media owners have run the weather before, so that’s not new.

We know other media owners have run live feeds from travel brands before, that’s not new.

We think what sets this opportunity apart is the joining of both a travel brand/sponsor with the arguably the world’s most trusted weather data supplier (Met Office), to create the UKs first DOOH travel weather sponsorship package in Post Offices and Golf Clubs, two very contextually relevant environments. As you can see from the three videos, you get a lot, especially when you look at the one on the riight showing you what coverage on-screen you'd get.

In terms of what the sponsor gets, they get a large logo on the first “Where’s Hot In xxxx” sequence (which will be three seconds long), and then the bottom 20% of the destination section where the weather and destination are detailed. This destination section would last seven seconds giving a total of ten seconds. The content would be shown across all of our golf club and Post Offices for up to twenty destinations of your choice (on a rotational basis). Destinations will be refreshed each month depending on the sponsors wishes.

Of course, this can only go to one sponsor, and we are looking for a year-long minimum duration.

All in all the sponsorship would be seen on:

  • at least 200 55″ Post Office screens like the above
  • at least 100 32″ golf screens
  • approximately 700,000 adults per week
  • roughly 2.8m – 3.5m impacts per week

We feel this opportunity works best for an airline, tour operator, onward travel or anyone else wanting to talk to people who spend more than the national average on holidays and trips abroad.

As you would expect, play out reports will be generated as often as you want/need them from Broadsign & TargetR so you know we are delivering exactly what you are expecting.

We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in seeing how it could look for your brand; just contact us here.

You can see more about what we think on our LinkedIn page here.

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